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Navgraha Puja-set met dvd



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Navgraha Puja Kit contains all the essential items required to conduct the Navgraha Puja. Navgraha Puja is a powerful puja which is done to pacify all nine planets namely Sun, Moon, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus, Saturn, Rahu and Ketu. Navgraha Puja helps devotees attain all the four purusharth (objectives of man’s life) which are dharma (religion), artha (materialistic abundance), kaam (fulfillment of desires) and moksha (salvation)’. The nine planets in one’s horoscope control karma, desires and their outcomes. Each of these nine planets exerts an influence in an individual’s life, which is called “dasa”. Navagraha Puja is undertaken to reduce the negative effects and improve the positive energies of these planets.

The Navgraha Puja kit contains all essential items required to conduct 1 elaborate puja Navgraha Puja and Havan. The DVD enclosed within the kit offers step by step instructions to perform the puja.

Havan Items:
Havan samidha sticks – 1 bundle
Cow dung cakes – small with ghee
Mango sticks – 500 gms
Havan Samgri – 250 gms
Navgrah sticks – 1 packet
Kapur slabs

Altar Cloth (Red, White-2, Orange, Green, Yellow, Black-2, Blue)
Brass Kalash with Nariyal
Navgraha Devata Yantra – 4.25 inches
Nazar Raksha Bahuli
Nav Dhanya – 50 gms
Black seasems (Black til) – 50 gms
Jow Barley – 50 gms
Yellow Mustard Seeds – 50 gms
Navgraha Diya
Hindu Tilak set
Gomutra – 30 ml
Gangajal – 100 ml
Rose water – 100 ml
Dry Coconut (Khobra vati)
Ghee diya – set of 5
Ghee – 100 ml
Dhoop stick – 50 gms
Supari (betel nut)
Pack of Supari, Clove, Cardamom
Akshat – 50 gms
Panchmeva – 50 gms
Janeu – set of 2
Mouli (holy thread)
Honey – 25 gms
Attar – 3 ml
Kapur – 50 gms
Kharik, Badam, Row Haldi – each of 5 pcs
Long Cotton wicks (single)
Artificial Betel Leaf and Betel nuts
Plastic Bowl

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